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Colour therapy pension

Enjoy our color therapy provided by the board, exceptionally relaxing recreation experience! According to convert color needs rooms!

A chromotherapy pensionNKBA guests 8 types, really positive impact color and a myriad of, combined with plentiful demand modes.

Choice of colors, and their benefits:

  • red: warm color, the heat, Love, sexuality that comes to mind, and is associated with fertility. The effect of red heart beat faster, accelerate the blood circulation and also get some adrenaline rush. Irritant, stimulatory, very good for circulation-stimulating properties of the various functions of the body to stimulate, Furthermore, painful menstrual cramps, izomgörcs, slow blood circulation, anemia, constipation, infertility, applied to a muscle is weak. However, due to an irritant effect on heart patients, hypertension fighters, not recommended for people with asthma and epileptic patients.
  • orange: Orange is the warmth, However, there is no irritant effect, as the red. This is the color of joy. That is why is energizing effect, movement, activity makes, kind of motivational color. Toning, tonic, kirángat the melancholy, excellent therapy for depression. Alleviate rheumatic symptoms, thyroid- and other hormone problems, Skin Diseases, also be used to treat indigestion, and anticonvulsant effect is.
  • yellow: we are still in the warm colors, the yellow of the risings, enthusiasm will bring to our lives. Stimulatory, stimulates the nervous system, the brain and stimulates mental activity. It facilitates the processing of calcium, therefore be useful in treating patients with osteoporosis. The yellow color can be also effective gastric, May-, or treatment epeproblémák: indigestion, loss of appetite is very good, banishes bloating, nausea. But diabetics also want to try, even neurological diseases, Anxiety can also be used in case of.
  • green: middle of the color spectrum color, thus the symbol of harmony. Life, the color of nature is also, therefore reassuring. Tired eyes, exhaustion perfect drug, improves concentration, not accidentally green with school boards. Rather, the level of consciousness six green, quiescence to spiritually, emotionally. Should be used in the treatment of cancer, it promotes muscle- and szövetgyarapodást, whereas the hyperproliferative cell growth inhibition. Approved disinfectant properties, the operating room is lovely greens.
  • blue: cool color, the sky, the vastness that comes to mind. A little sad color, at the same time exudes peace of mind, used in activities such as relaxation areas and shade. Also reassuring for those, who will be held from cabin fever, or suffer from asthma, because blue is a kind of feeling of spaciousness suggests. What are good: teething infants, bruises, pharyngitis, insomnia, headache.
  • purple: Color is the most powerful energy of, thus strengthening effect, whether physical, and psychological empowerment. In addition, especially in inflammatory diseases helps, the nyugtató, no memory effect correction is negligible.

Consult offers in chromotherapy pension connected rooms, and enjoy a truly relaxing holiday.

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