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The familiar, I. Class Zenit Pension ideal accommodation to relax, refreshment for guests who, as Miskolctapolca heart, Miskolc is located near the Cave!

Quality hotels and bed and breakfast facilities in a friendly atmosphere and prices!

Renewed, Our guests rooms are equipped with color therapy into their own as they please, mix and match the color of their room! 8 variety of colors (red, green, blue, warm white, orange, lemon, turquoise and purple) and numerous modes can be configured by choosing their room ambience for the perfect experience ...
The natural cork wall coverings in addition, that friendly, homey atmosphere, remek hang- and thermal insulation effect and very nice touch is! Allergy and respiratory problems for people with experience is favorable properties!
Discounted tickets we provide for our guests:
Cave in Bath,
a Kalandtúraparkba,
Diósgyőri the Castle
a Lillafüredi Erdei Kisvasútra
and the Miskolc Zoo and Culture Park!
The hotel 2, 3, 4 has bedded rooms. Each suite, Scandinavian furniture, fully-equipped – LCD TV, climate, refrigerator, WIFI, phone, in-room safe, hairdryer.
Our guesthouse 24 hour reception, enclosed parking await you. Without these services are all unpleasant spreads, Free of charge for our guests !

If required, plentiful and delicious cold- prepare a hot breakfast for guests!

Miskolctapolcai guesthouse is also ideal for, If you would trip the area attractions,. Rich program opportunities are waiting for you in case of multi-day stay, and we are also happy to organizing programs available! Explore Miskolctapolca, Miskolc and surrounding beauties!

Select the Zenith Pension and spend unforgettable holidays in beautiful surroundings Miskolctapolca!

Situated in northern Hungary Beech Mountain, natural endowments and tourism attracts thousands of tourists. The Oak Plateau finest and highest plateau in the country. Because of the importance of karst mountains at the edge of the countless springs to the surface, which has become a multi-level spa in Europe.

The Cave is unique in Europe Miskolc- Spa and curative effect of the depth of surface-breaking thermal mountain, ensuring clean air and cave. Water of heart problems, vascular, Blood pressure and blood circulation disorders cure, suitable. Klímája, and the effects of treatments in 2-3 In case-week course of treatment can effectively cure respiratory diseases.

The bath is unique microclimate surrounding natural park and boating lake, refreshment and relaxation to the visitors.

Our accommodation SSSS!

Book Now! We welcome our guests Miskolctapolca, A Zenit Panzióban!

Zenit Panzió
3519 Miskolctapolca, Miskolctapolcai road 25.
tel/fax: 46/ 561-561

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